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The allrounder: Your stencil for campaign marketing, floor markings, airbrush and more ...

Flexible in form & function

Easy application - impressive result. The spray stencils can be reused as often as desired. Even large XXL images are no problem. Even cylindrical objects such as bottles or barrels can easily be used with our flexible stencils. The stencils can be transported easily when rolled up.

Delivery time & express option

The advantages of plastic stencils

Excellent price-performance ratio
New possibilities for your marketing and contact data presentation
With proper care, reusable as often as desired
Adapt to cylindrical surfaces such as columns, bottles and barrels
Food-safe material available for baking stencils

Package labeling with stencil & marking roller

You want to brand your packaging units with your logo, but the setup costs for individually printed boxes are too high? With a plastic stencil and a set of marking ink, the marking roller and an ink pad, you get the ideal solution for high-quality & stylish labeling for small and medium quantities.

You need a food-safe stencil?

We manufacture our baking stencils from food-safe PET plastic. This is the most inexpensive variant to set your food effectively in scene. Even filigree designs and lettering can easily be implemented. Alternatively, you can also work with stainless steel stencils in the food sector.


How long does chalk spray last?

There is no general answer to this question, but it is significantly influenced by the following factors:

  • How rough or smooth is the floor covering? The smoother the surface, the easier it is to remove the chalk spray (very smooth surface in the video example).

  • How often & heavily does it rain? Moisture and especially running water cause the particles to be washed away.

  • The more cars, bikes & pedestrians cross your motive, the faster it disappears again.

  • If motives are to be removed immediately and completely, you can do this either with water and a scrubbing brush or with a high-pressure cleaner.

City cycling 2023

Dear municipalities,
we are happy to support this great campaign of the KLIMA-BÜNDNIS .

With the prepared stencil motives you can sustainably draw attention to the cycling campaign. By using chalk spray, you can create temporary, eye-catching motives in the cityscape that reach people directly and encourage them to join in! 
Ordering is only possible by invoice? No problem - simply order as a "corporate customer" and invoice will be activated as a payment option.

Here's what you should keep in mind

Stencils require bars. You will learn here what this means and how we proceed with it.

The reusable plastic & metal stencils need bars to work properly. But don't worry, we'll take care of that for you. More info.

Detail photo of stencil

Backgrounds & contour sharpness. What do you have to pay attention to?

What is the material thickness of our stencils? What do I have to consider for different surfaces so that I get the result that I want? More info.

Detail photo of stencil

You get paint spray, chalk spray, signing roller & other accessories here.

Each application does not only need the right stencil, but also the right method for applying the paint.   To accessories

Detail photo of stencil
Configure now! with instant pricing Configure now! with instant pricing

Create custom graffiti stencil - easily and without long waiting time with CADOUT

A stencil makes the creation of a complex graffiti easier and gives you the opportunity to repeat selected designs at your will. With us you can easily configure your stencils yourself. We produce your graffiti stecil of your desired material and guarantee absolute precision and highest quality. The use of modern technology makes it possible for us to implement even filigree and elaborate stencils without any restrictions.

Use our configurator for your graffiti stencil

To avoid long waiting for your stencils, we offer you the possibility to configure them directly online. Our configurator shows you the exact price after the designing. More transparency is hardly possible. CADOUT eliminates the long wait for a manual offer. Before you decide on a configuration for your graffiti stencil, you can customize it easily and as often as you like. Simply change the size, material or design and the price will automatically be recalculated.

We produce your graffiti stencil in XXL as well

You are planning an XXL graffiti? Then we are a perfect match for you! We are happy to produce a graffiti in an XXL format for you. Our spray stencils can be easily reused in this case. Since they are also flexible you can use our stencils, for example, for bottles and barrels. Thus you are prepared for every project and intention. The flexible material also ensures that you can easily transport the stencils and take them anywhere. So even the XXL motives can be easily stowed in the car. You have any questions about our offer or configurator? Ask them now!