Macro image of an adhesive foil

Adhesive foil

The right choice for inexpensive branding, labeling and lettering indoors and outdoors. Particularly suitable for application on windows and smooth surfaces.

Adhesive foil plotting

Contour-cut adhesive foil & digital print plots. We only process high-quality films for long-term & colorfast indoor & outdoor use. The adhesive letters or motifs stick to all smooth materials such as glass, plastic, tiles, metal, painted surfaces, wallpaper and fine plaster. Indoors, even light roughcast or woodchip wallpaper is no problem.
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The advantages of contour-cut adhesive foils

Very delicate contour cuts of logos and texts can be realized
Original colors can also be displayed by using printed foils
Extremely weather-resistant on smooth surfaces, even outdoors
Quick and precise application thanks to transfer foil on the front
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