Customized logo covered with moss

Moss letters | Moss logos

Available as a switched hard foam cut-out (Kömaprint in black/white) with various types of moss

Your brand naturally

For larger and more detailed 3D objects or letters. Our custom moss logos combine the aesthetics of nature with bespoke precision. Each logo is made to your exact specifications and wishes, giving you a unique work of art that fits perfectly into your office space. We offer you the option of creating your logo as a moss image, which ensures an unmistakable recognition value. Experience how modern design and natural beauty merge together and give your office a special atmosphere.
Delivery time & express option

Want a natural style element?

We produce cut contours from hard foam (slightly porous cut edges), which are filled with our high-quality moss species:

  • Bale moss (spherical moss) for large logos and the finely branched Iceland moss for more delicate logos  

  • Hard foam support material available in black and white; 19 mm material thickness, glued directly to the wall or mounted with spacers

  • Ready-to-install delivery incl. setting/drilling stencil and mounting material for easy installation

Advantages of our moss logos

Use of the highest quality moss
Preserved, low-maintenance moss
Can absorb dust and other pollutants due to its large surface area
Sound-absorbing for larger logo areas (improved room acoustics)
Stylish, unique and natural statement
Made in Germany

Mounting options

Self-adhesive or spaced mounting? Depending on the material thickness and web width of your desired cut, there are various mounting options to choose from. Click here for more information.


Moss letters: the right choice for your green brand image

When it comes to choosing sustainable products and suppliers, consumers pay attention to every detail. However, sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important topic for companies. Planted with robust moss, our moss letters are an eye-catcher in any room. They can be used in a variety of ways. They are not only suitable for the entrance area of your company. They can also be hung in waiting areas, conference rooms or, for example, in guest rooms. In combination with lighting elements the moss letters are a real eye-catcher and create a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

A blessing for the indoor climate

Whether as a moss logo or simple moss letters: Our range not only has a sustainable image, but it also has a positive influence on the indoor climate. Plants are known to promote a healthy and balanced indoor climate. Our moss logo is no exception. It ensures that the letters bind dust in the air and filter out pollutants. All this ensures a healthier climate in which employees tire less quickly and efficiency increases. Our moss letters are also a visual highlight for any company. They look particularly elegant and can also be combined with numerous room designs.

Create the right moss letters for your company

Would you like to present your company with our moss letters and are you looking for the right offer? Then you can rely on our support right from the start. Use our configurator, to get a quote for your moss logo. After entering all the important data, you will receive an individual price from us. With our all-round service, we have made it our goal to make the technical process easier for you and to guide you as much as possible on the way to your perfect moss letters.

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