Tools for mounting

Mounting options

Depending on the material type and thickness, we offer you various options in the configurator for attaching your motif to the wall. You can find all the information you need to make the right choice here.

Dare and do it yourself!

Our promise: Anyone can install a 3D cut from cadout®. With the exception of simple tools, the delivery of your individual cut-out contains everything you need for installation. A setting template is included with the self-adhesive variants and a drilling template with the spacer variants. The choice of the right mounting option is mainly influenced by the surface & the desired appearance.

Self-adhesive elements

The double-sided & solvent-free adhesive films and mounting pads ensure maximum hold on a wide variety of surfaces. Depending on the installation conditions, the attachment should also be secured with mounting adhesive.

  • Full-surface bonding (0.2 mm thick): Suitable outdoors for all smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic & painted surfaces. Indoors also ideal for fine plastered walls & smooth wallpaper.

  • Adhesive pads (1 mm thick): Also suitable for rougher surfaces such as woodchip wallpaper & roughcast indoors & outdoors.

Spacer - for more depth
& shadow effect

Provided the elements of your cut-to-size section have sufficient mounting surface or web width, spacers are a great way to achieve an even greater depth effect. 

  • Type A (with click system): Brilliantly simple installation method for indoor & outdoor use. The size & wall distance of the holders depends on the element size in your motif. (approx. 15 - 20 mm). Special advantage: Easy removal & relocation of the logo possible!

  • Type B/C (with bolts for gluing/screwing in): For very robust & secure outdoor installation. Directly glued & anchored to the wall (type B) or screwed to sheet metal & support structures (type C).

Signs | Panels

You can optionally order our metal cut-outs made of stainless steel or Corten steel (stainless steel) as a sign. Here, your motif is cut out negatively and mounted as one continuous piece. 

  • as a flag sign (bent at 90° on one side and sticking out from the wall)

  • or mounted parallel to the wall

each available with:

  • countersunk through-holes incl. plugs, screws and spacers

  • or bolts welded to the back for screwing onto the support plate or for gluing in place

More information, please !

Still unsure which mounting option is right for you? We are happy to help you in the chat or on the phone (030 / 2804 2313) or you can take a look at the step-by-step assembly instructions for your 3D cutting.