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Illuminated letters | Illuminated logos

Experience unique light moments with our tailor-made all-acrylic glass cuts. Express your space with custom-made, LED-illuminated letters and logos that combine precision and brilliant illumination in every design.

lacquered & lit from behind

Painted full acrylic glass body with embedded LEDs. As with all of our products, we aim to create long-lasting stylish objects that meet the highest standards in terms of design and workmanship.
The flawless painting of the front and side surfaces only allows the light to emerge from the back, where it illuminates the wall with a homogeneous light gradient. This is possible because the LEDs guide the light into a special acrylic glass, where it is perfectly scattered and emerges evenly.

Floating individual elements

The milled elements of the motif are individually screwed to the wall and wired behind the wall.

  • Painted in RAL (D2 catalog), glossy or satin matt, perfectly painted front and side surfaces only allow the light to exit from the rear -> rear lights

  • Cable exit from the rear of each element. Delivery ready for assembly and operation including drilling template and power supply

Pre-mounted on support rails

for outdoor installations or when cabling through or behind the wall is not possible

  • You receive your motif pre-assembled on aluminum rails. All cables are invisibly brought together in the rails, so that only one cable leads to the power supply.

  • The rails are also painted in any RAL color (e.g. in the color of the wall) and are installed in a flash together with the motif cut. Easy to hang with just a few screws.

Illuminated letters: present your brand with style and individuality

The pressure on companies is growing noticeably. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to assert themselves and consolidate their position in direct competition. Due to strong competition, it is becoming increasingly important to establish your own brand name and ensure that the target group remembers your company. Illuminated letters can make an important contribution to this. Also known as taillights, they are a wonderful way to consciously draw attention to the company and its brand presence.

Customize your illuminated letters

It's up to you whether you want to conjure up your entire brand name with illuminated letters or whether you decide to just put your brand's logo in the foreground with a single taillight. In both variants we rely on integrated LEDs. They provide expressive illumination of the individual elements, but are also so small that they can be integrated into particularly delicate designs.

Rely on our experience

The special thing about a taillight is the type of lighting. The light is generally emitted from the back. This means that neither the sides nor the front view are affected. The cable exit is also on the back here. This allows the cable to be routed discreetly along the wall or in a cable duct. We rely on high-quality execution and excellent service for all illuminated letters.

Combine different illuminated letters with each other

There are hardly any limits to your wishes when it comes to our range of rear lights. By using the latest technology, we cover the entire RAL color range. You can also use our configurator to plan your illuminated advertising individually. With it you benefit from an immediate price calculation. This way you will find out directly what costs you will incur.

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