Macro shot of a stencil with bridges

Webbing/ Bridges

Our metal & plastic stencils require so-called webbing to function correctly. You can learn what you need to consider here.

So it works and also looks good.

What is webbing? Webbing refers to the connections that keep all parts of a stencil, made of plastic or metal, together during use. Since our reusable stencils are not glued to the surface during application, all individual parts of the stencil need to be interconnected. Otherwise, the "islands," such as the inner part of the letter "e," would simply fall out during production. These connections are called "webbing" or "bridges."

Don't worry - we've got this!

How many webbings, how wide, how long, and where should they be placed?
You don't need to worry about that. As soon as we receive your stencil order, our graphic designers get to work and incorporate all necessary webbings into your design. This service is included in the price quoted.

Will I receive a preview of the webbed result?
Unfortunately, a preview in the form of a release drawing (good to production) is not something we can offer at our configurator prices. If this should be absolutely necessary, it can be done for an additional charge.

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A great result is important to us.

Our graphic designers have the experience of many thousands of stencils and always incorporate webbing into your design following these two guidelines:

  • The stencil must become sufficiently stable to fulfill its function without restrictions.

  • The webbing is placed in such a way that it integrates as well or inconspicuously into the graphic as possible. Of course, we take care to ensure that the appearance of your motif is disturbed as little as possible.

May we assist?

Motifs with "floating" elements
Sometimes, logos or other graphics are not ideally prepared for stencil implementation. For instance, when letters or other delicate parts are situated within large, cut-out areas. These elements would then need to be held in position with relatively many and unattractive webbings.
A better solution: Reverse that part of the motif by adding an additional contour line. This frees the motif from many disturbing webbings.This solution often looks much more elegant. If you believe your graphic has such an issue, feel free to write in the comment box at checkout: "Please adjust the motif for stencil suitability." Then, we will adjust it for you at no extra cost.

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