Bread loaf sprinkled with flour in motif shape

Cappuccino & Baking Stencils

Food-safe stencils made of plastic or stainless steel

Because it looks nicer
& tastes better !

You eat with your eyes first Decorate your baked goods with our baking stencils. Whether cakes, cappuccinos or breads. You can decorate everything with your own logo or convey an individual message. Simply place the stencil on the cooled cake and apply powdered sugar, cocoa powder or other decorations. Then carefully remove the stencil et voilà... a custom baked creation.
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Certified food safe - made out of PET or stainless steel

Whether it is a single piece for private use or an amount of 10000 for resale as a wholesaler. Whether it is for a 750g or for a 1000g loaf, round or long, we will help you choose the right format and make sure that your motif is shown off to its best advantage. You need a declaration of conformity or a safety certificate for the materials and products used? No problem - our QS will be happy to help you.

So simple and yet so effective

Pimping your coffee made easy - at trade fairs, in your café or as a hobby barista. Use the cappuccino stencils made of food-safe plastic to decorate your milk foam. It is supposed to be a little more valuable and the stencil itself is already a small work of art? No problem, our metal stencils made of polished stainless steel are not only stylish but also indestructible. Tips for a successful application:  

  • The key to success - smooth & "firm" milk foam. 
  • Do not create motives too filigree. The resolution of milk foam and cocoa sprinkling is limited. For the logo, leave out the claim and make the essentials bigger.

Do what you want !

Upload photos of friends, pets or your hobbies in the configurator and design your baking stencil. You are not limited by catalog motives and have complete freedom of choice. A great tiramisu or a great cake will bring excitement and amazement to any birthday or party.

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