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Material characteristics & surfaces. Here you will learn everything about the appearance of your metal cut.

Material characteristics &

COR-TEN® steel, known in Germany as weatherproof structural steel, continuously develops a protective surface layer when exposed to weather conditions. This prevents further oxidation and gives it a distinctive patina in warm, earthy tones. Besides its remarkable durability, Corten steel requires no painting and is also completely recyclable. The name COR-TEN® steel, by the way, is derived from the terms "CORrosion Resistance" and "TENsile strength."

Cuts from Corten steel

Ideal for garden & landscape construction as well as logos and signs with a rustic charm: 

  • Pre-rusted from the factory for a great look from the first day

  • High-quality special material WITHOUT mill scale for a homogeneous surface without rust detachment

  • Mounting options: configurable as individual elements (mounted with or without spacing) as well as a full-cover panel with a cut-out design

Why choose cadout? - Here's what matters:

  • No annoying waiting for the perfect look of your cut

  • Easily mounted: Ready for assembly delivery including drilling templates and mounting material

  • No flaking like with cheap construction steel, which can cause contamination of the facade

  • Highest precision in production through the use of excellent raw materials and state-of-the-art machines


2mm, pre-rusted, through-hole


2mm, pre-rusted, distance mounting

CONFIGURE NOW ! with instant pricing CONFIGURE NOW ! with instant pricing

Corten steel signs: Advertising message with an elegant character

When it comes to designing an advertising pylon, a sign, or even a column, you inevitably face the question of how you can stand out from other companies and manage to stand out from the crowd. This is possible not only through the individual design of the advertising materials but also through the materials used here. Our goal is to create advertising media for you that underline the image of your company and help to establish you in the market. Rely on the experience we bring. Our Corten steel signs are a great alternative to classic metal signs. They are extremely durable and robust.

A distinctive patina creates recognition value

Corten steel signs featuring your brand logo or company name are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Over time, the material develops a special patina. This coating conveys a nostalgic charm but also looks particularly elegant. To manufacture your lettering with metal rust exactly according to your specifications, we rely on the use of the most modern technology. It enables us to reflect your Corporate Identity in terms of both size and font type. Moreover, it offers almost endless design possibilities.

Rely on the right combination of your Corten steel signs

If you want to stylishly showcase your lettering with metal rust and engage your target audience for as long as possible, you can combine the high-quality letters with indirect lighting. This makes them stand out even more from the rest of the space and can also attract attention to your brand at dusk and in darkness.