Clenched fist and protest lettering

Wall stencils

For painters, varnishers
& plasterers

Your customer has unusual special requests and puts a high priority on a perfect implementation? We take care of the file preparation in the blink of an eye and provide you with professional painting stencils. Not done yet? No problem - if you know how to use masking tape, you'll get a flawless result right away with our stencils.

A versatile tool for painters & varnishers

No matter if detailed work or large format, no matter if single color or multicolor - whenever precise contours are required on textured surfaces, our painting stencils are the best choice. They are contour plotted, weeded and delivered ready for mounting on transfer foil, so you can get started right away. For oversized motives that require multi-part stencils, we place markers in the motive, making it easy for you to align the individual parts.
Public order with tender ? We help with the calculation quickly and give assistance in the implementation until it fits!

Be creative

Stencils offer creative ways to set you apart from other painting companies. Create super easy custom designs and patterns that are unique and distinctive using our configurator. You're completely free to choose designs and fonts. Just upload your template, resize and preview.

Modeling relief plaster with metal stencil

Ornaments, skylines, silhouettes and whatever else your customer can think of. We manufacture our metal stencils from stainless steel sheet up to 3 mm thickness. Due to the depth, you automatically achieve a nice depth in the 3D plaster. The very stable stencils do not give way and allow a clean removal. Recurring motives - even with a lot of details - are easily applied with only one stencil. Color the plaster in several colors to achieve great effects.

Configure now ! with instant pricing Configure now ! with instant pricing

Stencil foils offer a number of advantages:

Precision: Stencil foils are very accurate and allow you to achieve a precise and professional result.
Time saving: Stencils save you time because you don't have to laboriously work with masking tapes or papers.
Versatility: Stencil foils are available in a variety of sizes and can be used for a variety of applications including wall painting, furniture decorating, vehicle lettering and more.
Simplicity: Stencil foils are easy to use and require no special training or experience.
Overall, stencil foils provide an easy, fast and cost-effective way to achieve accurate and professional results.